Highlights of the week...New to the stand

It is an easy way for me to get the fingers typing again!

1. "0" overtime this week at the old job hut. This is , believe it or not nearly impossible with 54 employees. Huge props to me!

2. Text from my wife..."I think there is a dead dwarf on the mezanine of my office building.....then nothing for 4 hours. WHAT?

3. I am so fat, I have started a diet out of disgust.

4. I got a raise....if that is what you call "extra change"

5. More new furniture!

6. I like not wearing a jacket to work. The cold air really gets the blood going in the morning.

7. Verbal argument over some nut job in Fresh market trying to tell me that free range chicken prevents all kinds of diseases and is better than regular chicken. Funny how people believe anything they hear. Try backing up your argument with scientific facts next time....not what you hear from "nutritionists". Also, try and define Omega 6 fatty acid before you go running off at the mouth moron. You hippie MF's love to spout off anecdotal bull crap.

8. War Eagle

9. Chiber Juber in a parade?

10. I think it could be mustache time again!

Until next time.....eat some Tyson chicken you frail bitches!

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BeautifulWreck said...

#4 - Aren't those company raises great. NOT
#7 Iowa State University actually did a poultry study about the difference between free range chickens and those that aren't:
There is some science for ya - also they taste better - free range that is.