Toomers Corner Oaks

What do you see in the trunks of the Toomers Corner Oaks. Some will see tigers and eagles and all sorts of Auburn related things. What do I see? I see the trunk of a tree. The remnants of generations. The rings that remind you of that time your mother, father or grandparent introduced you to a football tradition. I see the rings of families sharing a common bond, a sense of togetherness that is lost in today's technological world. There is no magic or Devine intervention in the rings of this tree, just memories of passion and laughter....and even tears at the bond that so many families shared. These trees are replaceable. These trees are not the loss of a loved one. These trees are simply a representation of something that spanned generations. Traditions are just events. Events that are created to bring people together without regard to class or status. Traditions make us whole, one community with a common event that brings happiness. There is no black or white at the Toomers oaks. There is no rich or poor. Ther is that one insignificant event that makes life somewhat enjoyable in today's crazy world. What I hate about the action that Updyke did was not that he destroyed a tree or that he destroyed a tradition, its that he destroyed something that brought generations of people together. The trees are not sacred and neither is the flag, but we treat it as such because it is something that is not tainted by political party, race, religion or who you sleep with. It is a symbol of something we all can get behind and all support. War Eagle and Roll Tide is as much about family and America as any symbol. What happened to those beloved trees is not an environmental crime or even a crazed lunatic sought on revenge....it was a crime against us. A crime against the one thing that makes America great.....sharing a moment without judgement. The corner will survive without the treas and the tradition will evolve as needed, but the feeling of loss and the feeling that great things will always come to an end at the hands of one individual is ever so evident. Shame on you Harvey Updyke, not for destroying a football tradition, but ending the innocence of so many young fans.


Is it Muslims or Christians we should be scared of?

I keep hearing many good Americans express great concern about the so called Muslim invasion. You can't turn on the news or get online without the threat that sharia law is coming to a city near you. I have read that entire neighborhoods in New Jersey have been infiltrated with Muslims who stand on the street corner and petition city government to ban people from walking their dogs near a worship sight, or demand a certain style of business in the area. I have read many articles that detail the injustice of Muslims demanding certain rights in the school system, like prayer time and inclusion in the curriculum. Many of these foreign Muslims are demanding acceptance and justification for their religious beliefs. The majority of Christians I know and have seen in the media are appalled by the idea that we should alter our day to day lives for a religion. How dare we make any accommodations for a religion. We do not want our kids learning about Islam, about Allah, about buddah, about evolution. It is almost like these Muslims are trying to influence our way of lives. They are trying to impose their beliefs and what they consider a sin on to everyone else just peacefully living around them. When in history has this been accepted or allowed.....better yet how can this be accepted in the United States. Wasn't this country founded on the concept of religious freedom and the government not accepting a single religion as a basis for law and governance? Yea a lot of early Americans where Christians but they had the intelligence to realize that the government should be separate of religion because if you ok one then you must ok all that follow. Many people will say that this nation was founded on Christian principles. Well. Not really. That is not how the constitution reads and just because many of our laws mirror the basic moral principles of Christianity does not make it a Christian nation. We broke off from a country that enforced a religious policy to free those who believed different. Those same Christian laws would mirror many of the worlds religions....including Buddhism. The problem is that Christians are afraid of someone affecting their influence over the masses. Lets just take a look at how the church has intruded on the lives of every American whether they follow the religion or not. The southern baptist convention has mandated and influenced the state of Alabama from allowing gambling. The people have not been allowed to vote on the subject and like an Islamic roadblock have said you can gamble in that state but one foot over the state line it is illegal. All this while the majority of that states population has to travel....and does....to commit this evil sin. The church has challenged and influenced what books can be read in a state classroom, can be housed in a school library. They have challenged multitudes of literature on the basis that it is witchcraft or against Gods principles. There was so much pressure in the state of Florida that the school board just simply banned the entire Harry potter book series. And for any school allowing its usage, kids where allowed to opt out of the classroom on that day. How would you like it if we allowed other religions to opt out of class when anything referring to the bible was presented. Christians get enraged over the idea of not allowing prayer at school events. If it ok to pray to god then why is it not ok to have a Muslim prayer at the same event? Why is it that we should be forced to accept Christian sermons and speech at a public school event? These same people are the ones demanding creationism be taken out of the curriculum. What would they think if equal time and treatment was given to all religious groups. The veterans administration has come under Christian fire recently by enacting a policy that allows the family members of the deceased to decide whether or not they want a Christian ceremony or God mentioned in the burial presentation. Yet these religious zealots have began to scream foul and say that Christianity is under attack and it is the military and the governments duty to hold fast to tradition. All be damned the soldier and his family for the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. We say that other religions are hate filled and bent on destruction because of the actions of some. We also give Christianity a pass as they say their idiots are just a minority. West burrow baptist church and their protests at funerals spouting thank god for 911. The David Koresh's of the world, the jimmy swaggerts, the Benny hinns, the Ted haggarts, the Catholic Church all but blessing the rape of hundreds of children, the Susan smiths who drowned her children because god told her they were evil. The bible that depicts a man almost sacrificing his child on a mountain to prove his devotion to god. Hitler who believed he was doing the work of the Christian god, the KKK who blend god and Christianity in every piece of propaganda they publish, the Christian Right in the USA who demand that laws be passed on abortion based on Christian principles, that uproar about sex education in schools when thousands of underage children are giving birth and contacting std's. the constant segregation of anyone living homosexual lifestyle....simply because the bible says it is wrong. The truth is that we are already being ruled and managed by religion. We are not allowed to do many things in life because it is in contrast to the Christian religion. What can be said or shown on tv, what can be available in schools or libraries, when we can buy a completely legal product on a certain day. Christians have been dictating the lives of believers and non believers for centuries, and for them to cry foul when someone else plays the same game is just laughable. Well those Muslims have attacked our country. Well much like the Christian power of the United States has attacked many other nations. We boldly stand up and threaten anyone who dares to develop a weapon that we have housed in thousands of silos across the country. We are allowed to protect ourselves but they are not. Many will say that countries like Iran will use this technology for the murder of innocent people. Try selling that to the 2cities in Japan that lost had thousands of ash imprints on the walls of preschools when the bodies of children were scorched by a nuclear bomb. This country unleashed the ultimate devil on innocent children under the principle of the ends justify the means. Now we stand in some godly robe telling the rest of the world to follow our Christian ideals. The bottom line is that no religion deserves the right to influence the lives of everyone. Believe what you want but do not force others to live under your sharia-Christian law. When women got the right to vote, no one said we are discriminating against men. When blacks got the right to be treated equal, no one said we were discriminating against the whites. Yet if we try to give equal rights to another religion then the worlds is censoring and discriminating against Christians. All churches should wake up and realize....you do not have the power over everyone, just those poor little old ladies and mentally I'll people you steal money from every week promising good fortune and magical relief from life.....so who is promoting witchcraft now?


Nappie awards are just Nappie

I really get excited when the new lagniappe hits those hideous pink boxes around the old waterfront. Let me say up front, I think it is the best publication we have had in the port city. I like the fact that they pis off the mayor on occasion and I do enjoy the humor. I also have to say, up front, that they have gotten "not as original" as they once touted themselves to be. They have also began to lean more towards a bar an eatery rag. All that being said.....I like the pub. Well everything except the Nappie awards. It is the Wikipedia first paragraph on why Mobile is a poser....a wanker....a fat bitch at maradi grad.....a Bleach blond chubby hiding behind a spray tan....a local Mobile artist selling cheap phrases on cheap ply-wood from Lowes. The winners are ridiculous and why Mobile is such a fake city...a wanna-be cultural center. Wake up people.....stop voting for places just because you recognize the name and your redneck friends on Facebook post up sloppy pics from there every weekend. It just kills me that people even go to the Dew Drop Inn for lunch. It is a Winn Dixie dog in a stale ass Bunny bread blanket. You just go there because it is "cool" and makes you more MIMO. red alert MIMO ain't that cool. I just shake my head at this years winners and wonder if people in Mobile are just stupid or just want to be fake. Hey loom at us in a whimsical funky place with a big city name above the door. Just a side thought.....funky, eclectic and whimsical are all just ways of saying we have no real talent. Let's just take a look at this years winners. Best outdoor dining....Bluegill....really, paper plates and West Nile are cool these days. Best beach restaurant....Lulus.....just because it is Jimmy B. sister does not require you to like cheap food at bloated prices. Best ice.....that is actually a category....is this a third world country? Best grocery store....Mac Dixie....yea if you want to be begged for a quarter or stuck in a freezer during a thug holdup. Best pizza...mellow mushroom....just because the servers have skin soars, are high off the bong and their dread dust makes your allergies go crazy does not mean you are young and back in college. Get out more...the pizza is not that good. Fav radio station...the Zew....name me the next song that plays...stop trying to be cool!!!! Bet news anchor....Mel showers....really. Are you 80 years old!! You drink at Callaghans but watch Mel! Sexiest news gal.....chasity Byrd....put down the beer goggles and stop wearing Izod at Boo Radleys Funny how people are so tired of Steve "The Hammer"Nodine, but Hallie Dixon is the hardest working politician....what the Hell has she done to help Mobile....oh wait I think I saw her on the kayak with Wolf Dog picking up trash from our water. I dare not even begin a rant on Namans Catering.... Best ESHO restaurant...California Dreaming....do you people even drive more than 2 miles past the exit ramp? Anyway...I could go on forever ......can we just stop trying to be Facebook cool and start thinking with some sense. Take off the clear hooker pumps and stop following the crowd.


Are you a true mobilian

The true Mobilian test: 1. Could you accurately goes as the peanut man for Halloween? 2. Have you enjoyed a clipper and a cold beer? 3. Do you know what kind of pet Keith kingan owns? 4. The royal knight restaurant sits next to what kind of water feature? 5. What road was the 19th hole on? 6. What does Ross Peterson always have with his Budweiser? 7. How many windows did the original patches lounge have? 8. what are the colors of the yellow jackets? 9. What lane do you drive in after a rainstorm on government blvd? Right or left? 10. What color was the abandoned hotel on the causeway that Elvis used to stay in? BONUS: if Mike Dow was there.....who drove him?


Holding on to a penny while MOBILE burns!

Here we sit amongst the crawfish and Gulf Wild Shrimp, debating the merits of a 1% sales tax levied on the citizens of Mobile. Let me say up front that this is an issue that as polarized citizens of the Port City more than the spray painting of the Government Street cannon. I have not heard as much banter amongst "southern folk" since I decided to cut down an Azalea from my yard. Taxes are as much a part of the morning Whistle Stop conversation as the brand of mud tire on your GMC. Taxes infuriate Southerners....both rich and working poor. While I understand the temptation towards rebellion against all new taxes and the intrusion of the government on the working man, I am educated enough too see the necessity of tax dollars. I get a check just like everyone else, and after taxes, insurance and retirement planning.....I have considered cutting grass or stocking shelves at Walmart when I should be sleeping. Lets face it, Americans are pinched to the limit. The harder we work, the more they take. As any good Mobilian will tell you, our priorities are screwed up. We have battled over identity. We have battled over annexation. We have had strings of pearls, noise ordinances, sport failures, museum melancholy, cruise ship abandonment, Chicago dirty politics. We have been kicked around and spread out politically all over the county. Crime is an issue. jobs are an issue. Trash in rivers are an issue. Who are we as a city? Well, I have my own thoughts on that but lets stick to the issue.

Mobile mayor Sam Jones is proposing, once again, a 1% sales tax to help the city manage an upcoming budget shortfall of 27 million dollars. There are many people in this city who feel that Mayor Jones is not capable of managing the city finances and that giving him more money will not alleviate future budget shortfalls. There is the main argument against the added sales tax. Lets not kid ourselves into believing that the average citizen is incapable of paying an extra cent on every dollar spent. The argument is NOT over whether an extra 10 bucks on a thousand dollars will break the bank of Mobilians. People have not stopped buying cigarettes although a carton is nearly $70. This is an outcry from the public over the management of city funds.

Let me say up front, that this will be an issue no matter who is mayor. The public will always question why we are spending money. Some people like downtown....some don't. Some people like sporting events....some don't. I want my neighborhood paved just like the guy 2 miles down the street. This is normal. Lets talk about REAL consequences and REAL problems with a singular mindset of stopping government waist.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a vested interest in the sales tax decision. I come from a family of city workers. Half of my family income comes from a city worker. I could easily fall into the ranks of those selfishly not wanting a tax hike based on my ability to afford satellite TV. I AM NOT THAT GUY. I believe in limited government, responsible spending, reduced earmarks, lower taxes. I also believe in the American system that allows us to make changes while protecting our "means of production"

If you do not like Sam Jones, then show it at the polls. If you want Bess Rich as your next mayor, show it at the polls. DO NOT DESTROY YOUR CITY TO MAKE A POINT. The fact is that Mobile will fall short of budget projections come October. The fact is that the city will have to eliminate jobs of hard working Mobilians contributing to the cities survival. The fact is that city services will suffer. The fact is that Mobile will grow ever closer to a less productive, less employed, less tax generating, less attractive place to live. If you do not like Sam Jones then vote at the next election, but do not sacrifice Mobile and it's citizens at the alter to make your point. There is no need to destroy your city to have change. If you are un-happy then VOTE.

For all of you people wanting a new mayor......why would you vote them in and give them the burden of a budget shortfall. No matter who your chosen one is..they do not have a magic pill to solve the city debt crisis. Someone once said that money does not grow on treas......it does not matter who the farmer is. Pass the tax...fix the budget....pay our police and fire workers....then decide who you want running a VIBRANT CITY. Elect a person who you believe in but do not destroy a city to get there.

By not passing this sales tax you are ruining your city. Your college graduates are leaving. Your middle class is leaving. Your law abiding citizens are leaving. WAKE UP Mobile. We want a vibrant and safe city. If that is not happening then vote new leadership....do not destroy lives by cutting jobs and suspending services. Make that decision at the polls but right the ship before it sinks. Everyone can call for a new boat captain, but when the ship hits an iceberg....lets stay afloat before we have meetings on who's fault it is. SAM JONES.....here is my extra penny! good luck.


And the numbers!

Go ahead and use the link to compare Mobile, Prichard and Fairhope and see the future of our area.


As one city crumbles into a drug infested wasteland....Mobile becomes the new place to destroy. Funny how the violent crime stats differ...hmmmm

So many ways to look at crime!


Highlights of the week...New to the stand

It is an easy way for me to get the fingers typing again!

1. "0" overtime this week at the old job hut. This is , believe it or not nearly impossible with 54 employees. Huge props to me!

2. Text from my wife..."I think there is a dead dwarf on the mezanine of my office building.....then nothing for 4 hours. WHAT?

3. I am so fat, I have started a diet out of disgust.

4. I got a raise....if that is what you call "extra change"

5. More new furniture!

6. I like not wearing a jacket to work. The cold air really gets the blood going in the morning.

7. Verbal argument over some nut job in Fresh market trying to tell me that free range chicken prevents all kinds of diseases and is better than regular chicken. Funny how people believe anything they hear. Try backing up your argument with scientific facts next time....not what you hear from "nutritionists". Also, try and define Omega 6 fatty acid before you go running off at the mouth moron. You hippie MF's love to spout off anecdotal bull crap.

8. War Eagle

9. Chiber Juber in a parade?

10. I think it could be mustache time again!

Until next time.....eat some Tyson chicken you frail bitches!


Mad as Hell and tired of lazy people

Let me just say that I am NOt a heartless SOB. I care about people, I care about the environment, I care about those sad animals Sarah keeps singing about on my T.V. Hell, I have even considered adopting a small malnourished kid from Istanbul and buying him the newest Jordans. Well that last one is a stretch, but you get the point. I truly am sad for those less fortunate and those who wake up every morning with a sense of hopelessness, but I have spent at least 5 minutes every holiday Sunday reviewing the Press Registers neediest families article. Now before I start out on this deluge of frustration.....Let me clarify a few things for you brow beaters.

I believe that some people are born behind the proverbial 8-ball and opportunities are few and far between.

I believe that you can't expect a kid born to idiots in a trailer park or project development to just magically develop a work ethic.

I believe that any teenager who makes it to the age of 25 without a WOOPS baby should consider themselves lucky.

I believe we all (unless your name is Kennedy or Trump) are underachievers to some degree.

I believe that we all make mistakes and many of us have been given a helping hand over...and...over...and...over again.

I believe many of us (speaking to those in my inner circle) would not be as comfortable as we are without high income earning parents.

I believe most people deserve a second chance.

God bless every waitress working 8 hours, pulling double shifts, going wothout, and dancing on a pole if needed to give her kid a better life. God bless the man working 2 jobs that dig away at his pride because he refuses to let his kids know he is poor.

WOW....I am glad that is out in the open! Now lets get down to brass tacks. Some people are #@%^$%# idiots. Morons with the inability to be trusted with the simple task of breathing air. I am mad as a hornet and the Press Register can kiss my out of shape ass. I refuse to feel bad for those who can't even prevent the transfer of their stupidity and hardship to another innocent human being....their children. Yes...you have the right to have all the little genetic duplicates you can manage to muster in your roach infested bedrooms, but do not come to me with your outstretched hands wanting sorrow and pity. Let me just break this down for you.

Here is the short version of what I read today in the paper:
A man and a woman in their mid late twenties live in a trailer with a leaky roof that pores water in their bedroom and bathroom. They have a broken septic tank and pay $300 a month in land rent (what ever the Hell land rent is). He lost his job as a cook at a local seafood dive after the oil spill (damn you BP Tony). They have 3 kids under the age of ten. The wife does not work because after...YES...after her recent miscarriage....she has high blood pressure that prohibits her from working. He has been unable to find work this year but just landed a job paying $8.75 and hour. He only gets about 16 hours a week though. Oh yea...and as a kicker...they can't afford to feed the three dogs they also have hanging around the home on wheels. So here on the front of the morning paper stands this poor family standing in front of their falling apart mobile home asking for someone else to tow the rope. Well guess what, I say HELL NO!

Before you wet yourself in anger over the bitter heartless Meeker......let me just make my case.

I understand that you got married to young and just couldn't manage to back the car out of the garage before the motor blew, but twice...no three....no four times. You want those smart enough to actually go to the drug store as a grown man and buy birth control to help foot the bill when your lazy ass can't stop bending over your wife without using a condom. Walk your lazy ass to Walmart....you are the reason those kids live in that squalor. As far as a job! Are you kidding me? The paper had (on this same day) no less than 15 jobs for cooks or low skilled workers. Hell I am paying $10.00 an hour and have ran 5 weeks of adds in the paper "no experience necessary".....and you sir have never graced my office. Don't tell me you can't find a job for over a year....Bullshit. You are a worthless man who would let his family live like that while you laid around on the couch scratching your ass in those stained tighty whiteys. What kind of husband does not go gather buggies or rack leaves, or take your ass to Labor Finders (Yes I have worked at Labor Finders before)and shoveled dirt for money. No you chose to be a bum. And lady, you get a pass because you have all those kids to take care of, but you can't take a damn wash rag and wash the 4 years of dirt off the side of your house? You can't say NO every now and then to your bum husbands penis. You are not horny teens anymore, but you choose to keep producing kids who will never have the support or guidance to do anything but follow in your footsteps. YES I DO agree with the liberals on the fact that you can't expect a kid living in these conditions to just ace their way into a college scholarship. You people should be prosecuted for child abuse. So you two overweight slackers who just keep popping out innocent babies, want someone to bail you out. Forget the fact that this is not 1810. We know the world is tough...we know what causes babies....we know what responsibility is...but yet you have decided to sit on your fat ass while the rest of us work like dogs and make responsible decisions to now come to your rescue. Don't worry....I am there for you. You just call me up the next time you drop those fruit of the looms and I will drive over and kick you right in the nuts you sorry excuse for a parent. Maybe this is strong but let me just say that until we start holding people accountable....kids will continue to suffer the same inexcusable life that these idiots have given these precious kids.

I say NO...and I know that sucks for the 3 kids in this story, but I refuse to be a part of condoning this bullshit. Get up and act like a man...a father...and most of all a proud American.


I have no problem with this....except that they did not beat this idiot long enough.

If you think these police officers deserve to be punished for hitting a suspect who had no problem almost killing an innocent man by running him over.....DO NOT comment on this post. I would have really felt good if they would have backed the cop car in there and ran him over several times before slapping some cuffs on his dead ass. It is time to get the animals back in the cage where they belong. Payback is a bitch you piece of ghetto shit!


Cam Newton is the chosen one!

War Eagle you punk ass bitches from the hell hole that is Mississippi