Is it Muslims or Christians we should be scared of?

I keep hearing many good Americans express great concern about the so called Muslim invasion. You can't turn on the news or get online without the threat that sharia law is coming to a city near you. I have read that entire neighborhoods in New Jersey have been infiltrated with Muslims who stand on the street corner and petition city government to ban people from walking their dogs near a worship sight, or demand a certain style of business in the area. I have read many articles that detail the injustice of Muslims demanding certain rights in the school system, like prayer time and inclusion in the curriculum. Many of these foreign Muslims are demanding acceptance and justification for their religious beliefs. The majority of Christians I know and have seen in the media are appalled by the idea that we should alter our day to day lives for a religion. How dare we make any accommodations for a religion. We do not want our kids learning about Islam, about Allah, about buddah, about evolution. It is almost like these Muslims are trying to influence our way of lives. They are trying to impose their beliefs and what they consider a sin on to everyone else just peacefully living around them. When in history has this been accepted or allowed.....better yet how can this be accepted in the United States. Wasn't this country founded on the concept of religious freedom and the government not accepting a single religion as a basis for law and governance? Yea a lot of early Americans where Christians but they had the intelligence to realize that the government should be separate of religion because if you ok one then you must ok all that follow. Many people will say that this nation was founded on Christian principles. Well. Not really. That is not how the constitution reads and just because many of our laws mirror the basic moral principles of Christianity does not make it a Christian nation. We broke off from a country that enforced a religious policy to free those who believed different. Those same Christian laws would mirror many of the worlds religions....including Buddhism. The problem is that Christians are afraid of someone affecting their influence over the masses. Lets just take a look at how the church has intruded on the lives of every American whether they follow the religion or not. The southern baptist convention has mandated and influenced the state of Alabama from allowing gambling. The people have not been allowed to vote on the subject and like an Islamic roadblock have said you can gamble in that state but one foot over the state line it is illegal. All this while the majority of that states population has to travel....and does....to commit this evil sin. The church has challenged and influenced what books can be read in a state classroom, can be housed in a school library. They have challenged multitudes of literature on the basis that it is witchcraft or against Gods principles. There was so much pressure in the state of Florida that the school board just simply banned the entire Harry potter book series. And for any school allowing its usage, kids where allowed to opt out of the classroom on that day. How would you like it if we allowed other religions to opt out of class when anything referring to the bible was presented. Christians get enraged over the idea of not allowing prayer at school events. If it ok to pray to god then why is it not ok to have a Muslim prayer at the same event? Why is it that we should be forced to accept Christian sermons and speech at a public school event? These same people are the ones demanding creationism be taken out of the curriculum. What would they think if equal time and treatment was given to all religious groups. The veterans administration has come under Christian fire recently by enacting a policy that allows the family members of the deceased to decide whether or not they want a Christian ceremony or God mentioned in the burial presentation. Yet these religious zealots have began to scream foul and say that Christianity is under attack and it is the military and the governments duty to hold fast to tradition. All be damned the soldier and his family for the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. We say that other religions are hate filled and bent on destruction because of the actions of some. We also give Christianity a pass as they say their idiots are just a minority. West burrow baptist church and their protests at funerals spouting thank god for 911. The David Koresh's of the world, the jimmy swaggerts, the Benny hinns, the Ted haggarts, the Catholic Church all but blessing the rape of hundreds of children, the Susan smiths who drowned her children because god told her they were evil. The bible that depicts a man almost sacrificing his child on a mountain to prove his devotion to god. Hitler who believed he was doing the work of the Christian god, the KKK who blend god and Christianity in every piece of propaganda they publish, the Christian Right in the USA who demand that laws be passed on abortion based on Christian principles, that uproar about sex education in schools when thousands of underage children are giving birth and contacting std's. the constant segregation of anyone living homosexual lifestyle....simply because the bible says it is wrong. The truth is that we are already being ruled and managed by religion. We are not allowed to do many things in life because it is in contrast to the Christian religion. What can be said or shown on tv, what can be available in schools or libraries, when we can buy a completely legal product on a certain day. Christians have been dictating the lives of believers and non believers for centuries, and for them to cry foul when someone else plays the same game is just laughable. Well those Muslims have attacked our country. Well much like the Christian power of the United States has attacked many other nations. We boldly stand up and threaten anyone who dares to develop a weapon that we have housed in thousands of silos across the country. We are allowed to protect ourselves but they are not. Many will say that countries like Iran will use this technology for the murder of innocent people. Try selling that to the 2cities in Japan that lost had thousands of ash imprints on the walls of preschools when the bodies of children were scorched by a nuclear bomb. This country unleashed the ultimate devil on innocent children under the principle of the ends justify the means. Now we stand in some godly robe telling the rest of the world to follow our Christian ideals. The bottom line is that no religion deserves the right to influence the lives of everyone. Believe what you want but do not force others to live under your sharia-Christian law. When women got the right to vote, no one said we are discriminating against men. When blacks got the right to be treated equal, no one said we were discriminating against the whites. Yet if we try to give equal rights to another religion then the worlds is censoring and discriminating against Christians. All churches should wake up and realize....you do not have the power over everyone, just those poor little old ladies and mentally I'll people you steal money from every week promising good fortune and magical relief from life.....so who is promoting witchcraft now?


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