Mad as Hell and tired of lazy people

Let me just say that I am NOt a heartless SOB. I care about people, I care about the environment, I care about those sad animals Sarah keeps singing about on my T.V. Hell, I have even considered adopting a small malnourished kid from Istanbul and buying him the newest Jordans. Well that last one is a stretch, but you get the point. I truly am sad for those less fortunate and those who wake up every morning with a sense of hopelessness, but I have spent at least 5 minutes every holiday Sunday reviewing the Press Registers neediest families article. Now before I start out on this deluge of frustration.....Let me clarify a few things for you brow beaters.

I believe that some people are born behind the proverbial 8-ball and opportunities are few and far between.

I believe that you can't expect a kid born to idiots in a trailer park or project development to just magically develop a work ethic.

I believe that any teenager who makes it to the age of 25 without a WOOPS baby should consider themselves lucky.

I believe we all (unless your name is Kennedy or Trump) are underachievers to some degree.

I believe that we all make mistakes and many of us have been given a helping hand over...and...over...and...over again.

I believe many of us (speaking to those in my inner circle) would not be as comfortable as we are without high income earning parents.

I believe most people deserve a second chance.

God bless every waitress working 8 hours, pulling double shifts, going wothout, and dancing on a pole if needed to give her kid a better life. God bless the man working 2 jobs that dig away at his pride because he refuses to let his kids know he is poor.

WOW....I am glad that is out in the open! Now lets get down to brass tacks. Some people are #@%^$%# idiots. Morons with the inability to be trusted with the simple task of breathing air. I am mad as a hornet and the Press Register can kiss my out of shape ass. I refuse to feel bad for those who can't even prevent the transfer of their stupidity and hardship to another innocent human being....their children. Yes...you have the right to have all the little genetic duplicates you can manage to muster in your roach infested bedrooms, but do not come to me with your outstretched hands wanting sorrow and pity. Let me just break this down for you.

Here is the short version of what I read today in the paper:
A man and a woman in their mid late twenties live in a trailer with a leaky roof that pores water in their bedroom and bathroom. They have a broken septic tank and pay $300 a month in land rent (what ever the Hell land rent is). He lost his job as a cook at a local seafood dive after the oil spill (damn you BP Tony). They have 3 kids under the age of ten. The wife does not work because after...YES...after her recent miscarriage....she has high blood pressure that prohibits her from working. He has been unable to find work this year but just landed a job paying $8.75 and hour. He only gets about 16 hours a week though. Oh yea...and as a kicker...they can't afford to feed the three dogs they also have hanging around the home on wheels. So here on the front of the morning paper stands this poor family standing in front of their falling apart mobile home asking for someone else to tow the rope. Well guess what, I say HELL NO!

Before you wet yourself in anger over the bitter heartless Meeker......let me just make my case.

I understand that you got married to young and just couldn't manage to back the car out of the garage before the motor blew, but twice...no three....no four times. You want those smart enough to actually go to the drug store as a grown man and buy birth control to help foot the bill when your lazy ass can't stop bending over your wife without using a condom. Walk your lazy ass to Walmart....you are the reason those kids live in that squalor. As far as a job! Are you kidding me? The paper had (on this same day) no less than 15 jobs for cooks or low skilled workers. Hell I am paying $10.00 an hour and have ran 5 weeks of adds in the paper "no experience necessary".....and you sir have never graced my office. Don't tell me you can't find a job for over a year....Bullshit. You are a worthless man who would let his family live like that while you laid around on the couch scratching your ass in those stained tighty whiteys. What kind of husband does not go gather buggies or rack leaves, or take your ass to Labor Finders (Yes I have worked at Labor Finders before)and shoveled dirt for money. No you chose to be a bum. And lady, you get a pass because you have all those kids to take care of, but you can't take a damn wash rag and wash the 4 years of dirt off the side of your house? You can't say NO every now and then to your bum husbands penis. You are not horny teens anymore, but you choose to keep producing kids who will never have the support or guidance to do anything but follow in your footsteps. YES I DO agree with the liberals on the fact that you can't expect a kid living in these conditions to just ace their way into a college scholarship. You people should be prosecuted for child abuse. So you two overweight slackers who just keep popping out innocent babies, want someone to bail you out. Forget the fact that this is not 1810. We know the world is tough...we know what causes babies....we know what responsibility is...but yet you have decided to sit on your fat ass while the rest of us work like dogs and make responsible decisions to now come to your rescue. Don't worry....I am there for you. You just call me up the next time you drop those fruit of the looms and I will drive over and kick you right in the nuts you sorry excuse for a parent. Maybe this is strong but let me just say that until we start holding people accountable....kids will continue to suffer the same inexcusable life that these idiots have given these precious kids.

I say NO...and I know that sucks for the 3 kids in this story, but I refuse to be a part of condoning this bullshit. Get up and act like a man...a father...and most of all a proud American.


Anonymous said...

The meeker fired up to start the new year! I think you need to work with the paper to give this poor sap a......J.O.B.!!!


Min said...

Poor people always want too many children & pets